Monday, October 5, 2015

H is for Hats

 It's H week at our house!
Today we are focusing on H is for Hats. We read Zoe's Hats and Caps for Sale.
 We did a little craft using paper caps that we stacked and colored. It turned out to be not so beautiful and we aren't posting it here, but we colored and counted, just so you know!
Next we went on a Hat Hunt around the House (lots of H sounds!)
 We started in the closet and found one of Ty's baseball caps and one of my fuzzy hats!
 In Zoey's room we found a witches hat.
 In Mia's room we found a flower crown.
 In the boy's room we found a monster hat!
The hat hunt was a big hit.
More H fun to come!


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