Monday, October 26, 2015

Blueberries and Bears

 Another week! We started the day with a little letter/name tracing. I read an article that encouraged teaching capital letters first. It explained that children see capital letters everywhere....on STOP signs and on store names. Capital letters are easily recognizable to them. I am planning on switching over to a combination of capital and lowecase letters soon!
 I themed today's activities around this book, "Blueberries For Sal". We read the story and then did some "bear" math/snack time with teddy graham crackers.
 Next we made blueberry muffins. Zoey cracked all of the eggs by herself and did a great job! She also counted all of the muffin liners and scooped the batter.
(We are serving the muffin as an after school snack to the big kids when they come home from school!)
 We also did some painting. Zoey used different shades of blue to paint blueberries. I didn't take a picture! 
Tomorrow will be another book themed day.


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