Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Snow Day!

 (Not Really....It is October in Southern California, which means it is still in the 80 degree range! We are looking forward to temps dipping into the 70's next week, but for now all snow is pretend.)
We read...."The Snowy Day".
 We stacked powdered sugar donuts into powdered sugar snowmen. (and then we ate them!)
 I made play snow for Zoey to play in. I used an extremely simple recipe that I have seen online for a while now. You mix together 6 cups of flour with 3/4 cup baby oil.....and voila....Snow! (caution: this activity could result in a mega mess!)
 Next we spent some time working on handwriting.
We finished with a review of the numbers 1-10. Zoey is getting good at recognizing all of her numbers. They are tricky to write!


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