Thursday, October 8, 2015

I is for Ice Cream

 We have been working on the letter I! We have been using the theme: I is for Ice Cream!
Today we read, "Should I Share My Ice Cream?", and did a fun ice cream craft. (We counted the scoops and compared the stacks; less than, fewer...etc.)
 We used play-doh to practice the uppercase and lowercase letters.
 We played a little letter hide and seek.
 Then we did some Physical Education.
 I discovered Go Noodle through Mia's teacher at school. The site is full of fun videos that kids can dance and move to. Sometimes you have to take a break from the table and move a little!
It's been a pretty great week for us. The kids will be starting a four day weekend tomorrow! I will be busy getting ready for Mia's baptism weekend. We are very excited about it!


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