Tuesday, September 30, 2014


 Last night, for Family Home Evening, we set up our little fire pit on the back patio.
We talked about King Benjamin's address (in preparation for conference this weekend!) and then we made s'mores!
 Kids and fire are always an interesting combination.
 Zackary burned every marshmallow he tried to roast! He was okay with it. He just liked being able to stick something into the fire.
 The kids used milk chocolate in their s'mores and the grown ups used dark....which is the very best!
Mia ended up with marshmallow all over her hair and face. When it got later and darker, we brought everyone inside for baths....S'mores are very messy!
The kids loved it and are already asking to do s'mores again. I think we will have a repeat next Monday night, but maybe we can roast hot dogs for dinner as well!


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