Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Embracing "Fall"

1. I recently decided that even if the weather was not going to cooperate with my desire for fall to arrive; I was going to embrace it anyway!

2. We took a trip to the mountains over the weekend. We came home with bunches of apples and on Sunday I made caramel. We dipped apple slices and I poured a big pan for wrapping.
A big bowl full of caramel candies makes everyone happy.

3. Today I lit pumpkin scented candles and sprayed pumpkin spice air freshener throughout the house. It smells like fall inside the house!

4. I have found lots of fun fall recipes that need to be made and eaten!
THESE bars
THIS bread
THIS apple crisp

5. Lots of boots that need to be bought and worn....

It has been a few years since I bought a new pair of boots. I would love to find a perfect pair.

6. The kids and I saw mini decorative pumpkins at the grocery store yesterday. I didn't buy any and now I am wishing that I had. I will go back and stock up soon!

7. Ty and I are celebrating our 11th wedding anniversary this weekend.
We will be leaving the kiddos with my parents and heading to the beach for a quick getaway. We are really looking forward to it!
I am excited to sleep, and walk in the sand, and sleep, and run in the sand, and sleep, and eat at nice restaurants, and sleep....

Have a great week!


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