Friday, September 26, 2014


1. I made caramel again this week. I dipped some honeycrisp apples. My dad and brother came over last night and we ate them.

2. It is supposed to cool off this weekend. I am super excited!

3. Zackary ate ramen noodles for breakfast this morning, because he wanted them, and because it's Friday and I no longer care.

4. I am looking forward to watching the General Women's Meeting this weekend! Ty will be working, so I have to watch it from home, but I am hoping to make it a special girl's night with Mia next time. 

They would go perfectly with the general women's meeting, don't you think?

6. Zoey woke up early this morning. I went in to check on her and get her back to sleep when I realized her nose was bleeding and her face was covered in blood! She was a mess. Poor little thing!
She had a 5:30 am bath. 

7. No big weekend plans aside from the broadcast, but I am looking forward to a few days away from school and homework anyway!

Happy Friday!


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