Saturday, September 20, 2014


We took a little trip to the nearby mountains.
We stopped at this little lake for snacks and explorations.

 Mia loves her pink cowgirl boots. They are almost a year old and too small. She really needs another pair!
 The weather in the mountains was so refreshing. It was cool and the air always smells so amazing. You really don't appreciate air smelling good until you live in southern California.
 After the lake we drove into Idyllwild where we discovered an amazing new playground.

 The kids played for hours. The playground was shaded from tall pine trees. It was truly delightful.
 This spinnning "cup" was a favorite.

After the playground we strolled downtown to the candy shop. Ty and I got chocolate covered salted caramels, Zack insisted on a big swirly lollipop, Mia got mints, Zoey got rock candy, and Max got licorice.
It is always so nice to get away for a moment and spend a little time together.


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