Tuesday, July 29, 2014


1. Most of the year I can brag about the wonderful weather we get to enjoy here in SoCal, but today.......July has been hot. July has been muggy. We still have to make it through August.
It's that point in the summer when you wonder why you were so excited for summer to arrive. Why didn't you appreciate the hot chocolate weather while it was here!
I have been hearing about the rain and beautiful weather in different parts of the country and I am seriously green with envy!

2. On a more positive note there is always ice cream.
I made a batch of cookies and cream ice cream for our FHE dessert last night. Today I took the kids out for Thrifty's ice cream. Mia got mint n chip (her fav.), Zack and Max both got rainbow sherbert, and Zoey just wanted a bouncy ball from the quarter machine. Happiness all around!

3. The kids are getting a bit restless. I would love for the entire summer to go on seamlessly, but I think they are about ready for school to start again! I know it will be good for them to be back on a schedule and to see all of their friends.

4. Sometimes, I just wanna run :)
(Just replace the teenage fans in the video with small children and that's me.)
No really. When I get really stressed nothing is better than a long run!

5. On a more serious note: THIS is an amazing video representing one person's amazing story! Give it a watch :)

6. Ty has tomorrow off! We are going to spend the day cuddling, enjoy an evening at the temple, and end the night with tacos! Perfection :)
Of course, entertaining the kids, feeding everyone, and cleaning will all be thrown in there somewhere. I am sure it will be a great day!


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