Monday, July 21, 2014

Zions and Cedar Breaks

 We just returned from a fabulous week in Utah! We spent our first day visiting Zions National Park and the Cedar Breaks monument.
 Zions was gorgeous!
 It helped that the sky was a perfect blue.
 Just look at those amazed faces!!!
 I tried to get a decent picture of my favorite 5.
 I tried.....
 and tried.....
 and tried.....
 oh well.
 I took a picture with just Zoey.
 She is the sweetest 2 year old.
 After Zions we made a stop at Navajo Lake. It sits high in the mountains and was formed by a now inactive volcano.
 There was volcanic rock everywhere on this mountain top.
The kids thought it was pretty cool.
 Next stop was Cedar Breaks.
 It was pretty amazing.
 Ty was able to inch closer to the edge than I was.
 I found the height rather intimidating!
 We took the kids to a safer lookout point.

 No one actually made it through to the other side. We were watching!

 I think everyone was just glad to be out of the car. Breaking the trip up with little adventures and stops made the drive so much more enjoyable for us.

 I loved spending the day exploring with my family!
( I don't think I have ever realized how much shorter I am than Ty!
I looked at this picture and just couldn't believe it.)


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