Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Tuesday Things

1. Zoey is my little friend each morning at the pool. She always brings a bag of goldfish crackers and cheers on her brothers and sister while they swim.
 2. I wanted to make a Trader Joe's expedition today. I bribed the kids by promising them frozen yogurt afterward.
 We have eaten a ridiculous amount of frozen yogurt this summer.
I am sure we will eat much more before the summer ends!

3. Does anyone else have about 5 billion lego blocks of different colors and sizes floating around their house?
I am sure we are not alone :)
I love all of THESE lego storage ideas.

4. Mia has been asking me for days to make cupcakes. She wants chocolate or vanilla frosting. She said no pink frosting, because pink frosting makes her sick. (She had a bad experience with a cupcake that had pink frosting!)
I am sure she wants something with ridiculous amounts of buttercream piled on top....maybe we will make those too.


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