Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Into the Woods

The official Newman Reunion of the summer took place at a church owned and operated camp much farther away from civilization than I could have imagined!
 Not long after arriving in camp we saw this beautiful deer! All of the kids were able to watch him. It was so neat!
 There was lots of room to explore.
 My mother-in-law made little packs for each of the grandkids to wear during the trip.
 Zoey packed hers around all day. She carried a water bottle and fruit snacks inside. In case of emergency.
 I just love this picture of Mia!
 I don't really know what was going on, but they seemed to be having fun.
 Ty and I got comfortable in the shade. (It was still hot even though we were high in the mountains!)
 Max was put to work. He is always so willing. Such a good boy!
 This is Zoey with her cousin Ashtyn.
 They are the cutest girls!

Everyone had a great time.


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