Friday, July 11, 2014


1. Zoey got to play with this adorable puppy yesterday. She was in love with the fluffiness.
 Puppies on loan are the best way to go right now. I am not ready to commit to another baby!

2. My mom took the girl's for a special afternoon.
 Zoey had her first official manicure. She turned down the offer of a pedicure, but today she brought me the nail polish and asked me to paint her toes!
 Mia was happy to have a pedicure and sat for an hour while her toes were being decorated with Hello Kitty detail.

3. While the girls were playing with my mom, I took the boys to Jamba Juice for smoothies and then to Target. The boys were so well behaved and easy to be out with. I think the drama may be coming from the other half of my children.....

4. Tomorrow we have 2 birthday partied to attend, we need to vacuum out the car, I need to clean bathrooms, and get a few more items for our trip on Monday (we will be headed to Utah!)
It is going to be a busy Saturday.

5. I love this quote!

Have a great weekend!


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