Friday, February 7, 2014

The Girls

 Ty took the boys out for a movie and I stayed in with the girls.
 This was one of many failed attempts to take a picture of Mia and Zoey together.
(Notice the band-aid on Mia's chin. Stitches are coming out tomorrow!)

 Mia has been asking all week to make and decorate cupcakes.
We made a batch of yellow butter cupcakes.....
.....and chocolate truffle frosting, because chocolate must make an appearance.
There were lots of sprinkles.
 and lots of tasting.
 We ended up with 12 beautifully decorated cupcakes.
The girls did a great job!
Next we tuned into the Disney Pandora station and danced in the kitchen while we cleaned up and then did a little Valentine's crafting.
Now we are onto movies.....first one selected by Zoey, her current favorite: Charlotte's Web. She calls it the piggy movie and we watch it all the time!

Love my little ladies!


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