Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Few Things...

1. I am so thankful for tender mercies and wonderful people who are so willing to offer help and assistance at a moment's notice! I am often the recipient of such service. This past weekend, when I had to take Mia in for stitches, a friend was willing to watch my other children at a moment's notice and when I got a hold of my parents they came as quickly as they could to help. Last night, Ty was working late, and I had driven Max to scouts. Zoey was sound asleep and I hated to wake her to go and pick Max up. I called a friend, who was also at the church for a young women's activity. I asked if she would be willing to bring Max home and she was! Honestly these little things mean so much to me. I am so grateful for every bit of help and kindness we receive! 

2. These tender mercies inspire me to be better as well. I hope I can lift and help those around me when I have the opportunity.

3. I have a really awesome husband. This is a mushy post, but really he is the best and I love him like crazy. I am very happy to have him and I hope he is always happy to have me!

4. Yesterday, before scouts, the kids and I decided it would be a good idea to split a large fry from Mcdonalds. I rarely eat fries, and when I do I make sure they are going to be shared! We spread the fries across a platter and then sprinkled them with sea salt. ( I know it must be wrong on many levels to salt Mcdonald's fries, but like I said this is a rarity!)
They were the best things ever. Zackary kept yelling for more fries :)

5. My bed was so very comfortable this morning. I was in a perfect pocket of soft and warm when it came time to get up. I really had to convince myself that it would be worth it to get out of bed. I ended up having a really great workout and enjoyed a little quiet time to read scriptures before the kids got up, so I was glad I hadn't given in to the comfort!

6. I am headed to Redlands this morning with the younger kids. We are meeting my mom and brother for breakfast before a little shopping at Trader Joe's!

Have a really great day!


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