Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up

1. Ty enjoyed a beautiful hike yesterday! He loved the snacks I sent him with and came home safe so I was happy. 

2. While Ty was gone Mia fell off the trampoline and split the underside of her chin open. My friend took the other 3 kids so I could rush off to the emergency room with Mia. 4 stitches and a complimentary teddy bear later....she was good as new.

3. These things always seem to happen when Ty is completely unavailable!
He did arrive home about 5 minutes after we did so I had his help all evening :)

4. I threw together a truly fabulous dinner.
I roasted my own chile peppers in place of using canned and served the dish with corn tortillas and salsa.
It was so easy and we loved it! 

5. Today is fast Sunday and I always wake up hungrier than I am on any other day of the month. We are feeding the missionaries tonight and I am already looking forward to dinner!

6. I guess today is also super bowl Sunday. We are not a football household. I am very glad for this. In addition to being fast Sunday and super bowl Sunday, it is also Groundhog Day!!! We are not a groundhog household either :)

7. A few things I am loving:

so cute!

I have never really gotten on board with the whole "slutty" brownie craze, but I think this less slutty version looks awesome!

Everything about these!

8. The weekend did not go exactly as planned, but it turned out okay! Hoping today is fairly uneventful.

Happy Sunday!


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