Sunday, February 9, 2014


1. At church today I did the music for junior primary first hour. I love singing time in primary. It gives me the opportunity to sing solos for a darling audience :)
So many of those little ones just sit and stare at me while I sing! I hope that one day they can all be confident singers!

2. After primary I lead the music in Relief Society. We sang songs about love in honor of Valentine's Day.

3. By the time sacrament meeting finally rolled around I was exhausted! Ty is working today so I sat with the kids and fed them lots of snacks to keep them happy. When we got home I felt like I needed 3 hours to recover from the 3 hours of church!

4. I have been making big batches of roasted applesauce for us to eat. The kids love it so I am just going to keep on making it. I peel and chop apples, toss them in a dutch oven, throw in a bit of citrus juice, cinnamon, and maple syrup, and then bake at 350 for about 2 hours. I blend everything in my blender and then fill mason jars with the applesauce. Totally delicious!

5. Speaking of delicious.....I made myself a treat this afternoon, as part of the 3 hour recovery.
Perfect for snacking on while watching the latest episode of the Pioneer Woman.

6. I have started planning our annual Valentine's dinner for Friday night. (Ty and I are going out on Saturday, so on Friday we can play with the kids!)
I always set a fancy table and cover it with hearts and candy. I am excited!

7. Max got a Cra-Z-Loom
I guess those rubber band bracelets are all the rage.
It turned out to be pretty fun and we spent a lot of the day yesterday "looming".
This is one product that I would actually recommend! (All of the kids are completely covered in rubber band bracelets at this be warned!)

8. Can we talk girl scout cookies???
They are everywhere and we can only buy so many! Cute little girls at the store, cute little girls at your door, and everywhere else we seem to be!
I used a box of thin mints to make a chocolate pie crust last week. I brought caramel delights to church today for the kids. I am sure we will buy more soon.

9. Have a great Sunday and a fabulous week :)


  1. Levi loves the rubber band bracelets. He spends hours a day working on them. They sure keep the busy. I miss your wonderful cooking.