Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Things


I am so happy you are here :)

1. Ty is taking Zac and Max to the movies after school.
It's a man date to see:
The Lego Movie!
The boys have been excited about this for about a year so I hope they have a great time!

2. I am staying behind with the girls for cupcake baking/decorating, and lots of Barbie movie viewing. Mia made a list for me to take to the store this morning. It went something like this:

rainbow cupcake liners
pink sprinkles
chocolate frosting

She is adorable :)

3. Scenes like THESE happen a lot at our house. It is nice to know we are not alone! 

4. The kids and I were cracking up over THESE amazing British cookie commercials! Zoey could have watched them forever and they would never have stopped being funny :)

5. I love getting the FRIEND magazine in our home. It is a great resource. I recently discovered the FRIEND online site through It has all kinds of videos and and stories. I think we are very blessed to live in a time when we have such easy access to so many amazing things!

6. I love THESE chocolate heart granola bars for Valentine's Day!
so cute, and I wouldn't feel bad about eating them!

7. It has been cold this week. Like in the high 50's! So of course we are freezing and wearing our winter coats.
Zoey looks extra pink in hers!

Happy Friday! Have an awesome weekend!


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