Friday, November 8, 2013

Why Fridays are so very AWESOME

1. NO homework.

2. Monday-Thursday Zackary has speech and/or school each day. On Fridays he has neither. If I am not driving the older kids to school I basically have a free day and can go to Target....which I did today.....and it was awesome.

3. Movie night!
On Friday evenings we have family movie night. We look forward to it all week. It is a family favorite tradition. It is also a good excuse to eat pizza and make caramel corn.

4. NO worries.
On Friday night we can ignore bedtimes and routines. 

5. Weekend Plans.
Fridays are the kickoff to the weekend. I love weekends! 
Weekends mean pancakes.....

I am just happy it's Friday!!!!
Have an awesome weekend :)


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