Wednesday, November 6, 2013

1. After spending a good week inside my house, recovering from and caring for those with sickness, I am ready to get out and spend the evening with the relief society sisters in my ward! Hopefully I can stay awake past 7:00!

2. I am loving THIS pantry makeover!
I must do this in my house immediately.

I basically lived off of these my first summer at BYU. Of course we used store bought canned frosting and THIS recipe uses delicious home made buttercream. Quite the upgrade. My kids would love all of the colors.

4. Ty has been gone every day for a week......and he will continue to be gone every day until this weekend. We are going out Friday night and I can't wait to spend a little time with him!!! 

I have been eating it on cinnamon raisin toast and it is pretty much the best thing ever.

6. I am very excited for Thanksgiving and Christmas and all of the fun!
I really need to go to Target. Target makes holidays real :)

That's about all the excitement I can handle for now!
Happy Wednesday!


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