Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Zackary News

1. Just about a month ago I took Zackary in for a physical. He needed a routine doctor visit so that we could get him ready for preschool. During the visit, one of the tests revealed something that raised alarm. The doctor was concerned that Zackary might have diabetes. We scheduled another appointment to do a few tests.
At the next appointment we ran the tests and the numbers were high. High enough that we moved on to formal blood testing for diabetes.
I was in complete panic mode. 
The tests came back this morning and the results were NORMAL!
The doctor has no idea why his numbers were randomly so high. He will be going back in 6 months to make sure everything continues to go well.
We feel so blessed and thrilled!

2. I love normal :)

3. Ty is still concerned, because of Zackary's "numbers" and thinks we should change his diet anyway. I spent all afternoon yesterday researching the glycemic index. I learned about low, medium, and high glycemic index foods. I was happy to learn that nutella is considered low! Low glycemic index foods have a GI number less than 55 and nutella is a 33. Yay!

4.We adore this little boy :)


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