Monday, July 1, 2013

A new month

1. A thought

I am focusing on gratitude. I woke up on my birthday so very grateful for my life. It was a wonderful way to start the day and a wonderful start to another year of life.

2. It is really hot and humid today! Not humid like in the south, but more humid than typical southern california desert weather. 
I put Mia's, Zoey's, and my own hair up and back. It is the only way to go on a day like this.

3. We had a perfect Sunday evening yesterday. We went on a walk to the park, met with some friends, and came home to popsicles and a quick family home evening lesson. Max has karate on Monday nights so we try to do FHE on a different night during the week. 

4. Ty is working late tonight so I may just make some of THESE for dinner
(I question the spelling of zucchini every time I type/write it.)

5. I have been looking at the next few months and life is going to get very busy!
Never a dull moment.

Happy July/Monday!


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