Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Randomness

1. Last week Ty got a new calling in our ward. He is now the executive secretary. Today was his first Sunday on active duty and he had his first set of early morning meetings. I am pretty used to Ty being gone for call on Sundays so it wasn't too difficult for me at home with the kids. I did end up forgetting to eat breakfast. I sent Ty home after sacrament meeting to grab a granola bar for me. I was playing chorister in the primary during the second hour and then teaching relief society during the third. I was happy to come home and enjoy the rest of our Sunday!

2. After church I made a batch of THESE cookies.
I used quinoa flour in place of all purpose. I think it is a great substitute for the real deal.

3. Some of our friends are moving away next week. Their son is Max's best friend and we have been dreading the end of their time here! Last night there was a big going away party for them. It was very fun to get together with everyone. We will miss them so much!

4. THIS is how I have been keeping Mia's hair out of her face during the hot summer days.

5. Ty started playing minecraft.
The boys are thrilled, but I may never get to talk to any of them again!
(Zackary is not naked, BTW)

6. Ty asked me today if I had lost weight! I love that question :) I celebrated by eating cookies.

Tomorrow is another week!


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