Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday Things

It's Friday!

This week has flown by.
I think it was a combination of stress, fun, and relief that made the time go by so quickly. I am looking forward to the weekend. 

A few things.....

1. This song: "Royals" by LORDE.....Just call me Queen B :)

 2. I think this looks like a fun twist of traditional muddy buddies/puppy chow.
A "DIRT" version. Complete with gummy worms.

3. At the store this morning, the kids and I checked out all of the newly displayed school supplies. We came home with notebooks and new crayons. Everyone has been busy coloring and writing, even Zoey. She loves to color. If she is without paper she improvises with walls and furniture. I try to keep paper around at all times!

4. I haven't had my usual energy during workouts this week. I feel like a major slacker. I would love to get my groove back soon.

5. Cardboard Box Fort taken to a new level of cool.
I wonder if mine would come out looking anything like this.

Have an awesome weekend!


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