Wednesday, November 12, 2014


1. We finally took family pictures yesterday! I didn't think we were going to get it done this year, but we were able to sneak it in. One of my friends is a photographer and she called me on Monday night to say that she could fit us in yesterday. The boys had fresh hair cuts so I figured it was best to just get it done! We met at a church in Banning. The kids were pretty cooperative. I hope we get a few good pictures out of the deal.

2. After pictures yesterday we took the kids to see Big Hero 6. 
It was the first movie we have gone to all together (all 6 of perfect!)
Everyone, even Zoey, did great! The movie was fantastic. I highly recommend it.

3. I decided it was about time to get started on the Christmas candy making. I made three batches of fudge. One peppermint marshmallow, and two salted almond.
My family loves the salted almond kind best, so I have to make extra!

4. I really should be cleaning or doing laundry right now.........

5. I buy a bag of cinnamon scented pine cones every year. I just can't help myself. They smell so delightful.
I was so excited to find this DIY tutorial to make them at home! I am sure my kids will love an excuse to hunt for pine cones and to bring them home!

6. Have you heard THIS song yet?
I am loving it!

Back to the grind!
Have a great day :)


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