Wednesday, November 5, 2014

sickness, gratitude, and hot chocolate

1. Sadly the usual holiday season of illness seems to have welcomed itself into our house this week! Late Sunday night Zackary woke up and could hardly breathe. He has always had airway/respiratory problems and we have a nebulizer at home for him, but we just couldn't get him breathing well, so Ty had to run him to the emergency room at about 1 in the morning. I waited for the "everything is ok" call to did! Ty and Zack were home by 3 and after a sick day at home in pajamas on the couch, Zackary is very much on the mend! Now Zoey and Mia have colds and coughs.....nothing serious, but hopefully we can get healthy again soon!

2. I have really been enjoying decorating for the season. I have never been the best at decorating for holidays, but I am getting better with each passing year!

3. I know they are incredibly cheesy, but I just love the Hallmark Channel Christmas romance movies! I record and watch them every year, and they always make me cry.

4. This is good to remember:
5. and so is this:

I love November and Thanksgiving time for all of the gratitude awareness that seems to appear everywhere! All over social media people post about the blessings in their lives. People show a little more love, kindness, and generosity. An Attitude of Gratitude really is the best!

6. THESE recipes and ideas for Hot Chocolate look amazing! Hot Chocolate has been happening more and more often at our house, and that is always a very happy thing.

7.  I kind of wish it were Friday. The kids have Monday and Tuesday off from school and I am really looking forward to the 4 day weekend.....and for Thanksgiving break.....and for Christmas break.....
I think I just really hate homework!

Happy Wednesday! Here's hoping Friday comes soon :)


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