Monday, November 10, 2014


We are 10 days into November and I wanted to catch up with all of the thankful posts with one of my own!

1. I am thankful for the scriptures!
We are so blessed to have the scriptures so available. I have several bound copies. I read scriptures online, (sometimes I listen online!), I have the scriptures on my phone.
I don't always read a lot, but I do my own study daily before I read with the kids. I am constantly lifted and inspired and guided through the words in the scriptures. I am always awed by the examples I find in the ancient prophets and leaders.
The scriptures are teaching me how to be more like my Savior and that is awesome.

2. I am thankful for my family.
My husband is amazing. I love him. He makes me happy and I try to make him happy too! 
My kids are great. They are beautiful and worth all of the work.
I am so blessed to be a part of them!

3. I am thankful for my church calling.
I just love the relief society. I did not grow up with sisters and I always felt like I missed out, but I am so glad to be a part of the largest women's organization in the world!
I often think of this quote by Marjorie Pay Hinkley:
“We are all in this together. We need each other. Oh, how we need each other. Those of us who are old need you who are young, and hopefully, you who are young need some of us who are old...We need deep and satisfying and loyal friendships with each other. These friendships are a necessary source of sustenance. We need to renew our faith every day. We need to lock arms and help build the kingdom so that it will roll forth and fill the whole earth.”

4. I am thankful for our home.
We live in a beautiful house. I love decorating it for the holidays. I love keeping it clean and organized. I love to entertain in it. I am happy to have my children play and grow in it. 

5. I am thankful for work.
I am thankful for my husband's job. He works hard to support us. I am thankful for the work I can do at home. I am thankful for the work my children do at school and at home. Work is important. 

6. I am thankful for health, exercise, and the opportunity to take care of our bodies.
I love to run. I am not the fastest. I am sure I don't run the farthest, but I run when I can and I love it. I love to think of my body working efficiently while I run. Lungs moving air, heart pumping blood, legs moving me along!
I am so thankful for good health. I try to appreciate it when I have it and hope and pray for it's speedy return when I don't.

7. I am thankful for music.
I have no doubt that music is played and performed in heaven. I am sure Handel's Messiah was divinely inspired. There is no better way to invite the spirit into your home than by listening to the mormon tabernacle choir.
This time of year I find myself listening to Christmas music. A whole season filled with songs about Christ. Music can create a beautiful soundtrack to our lives.

8. I am thankful for chocolate and peanut butter and all delicious food that make life so extra decadent.

9. I am thankful for friends and family (the ones that live outside of my own house!)
We love spending evenings dropping in on friends with treats and enjoying a quick visit. We are so lucky to have wonderful parents that are always trying to help us out! Let's not forget siblings. I don't have any sisters, but I have brothers. They are pretty alright. I will keep them!

10. I am thankful for the earth.
I love THIS mormon message about the earth as our home.

There are many many blessings in my life that I could continue to list, both large and small. I am thankful for this wonderful thanksgiving time when so many are embracing an attitude of gratitude.

Happy Monday :)
Have a great week!


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