Monday, June 2, 2014


1. It is officially June! Max and Mia have school through Wednesday and then we shall par-tay :)
"School" is a relative term at this point. Today Max was taking a field trip to the park for a play day. Mia will be learning to play and playing board games. Tomorrow is field day. The kids will be outside playing all day! There will even be snow cones. Finally on Wednesday, Mia's class will be having the Very Merry Un-Birthday Party they have been planning all year. Max will be watching the movie versions of the books his class has read this year.
Sounds like fun to me!
(Zack has 2 school days left as well. They will include lots of games, painting, and food.)

2. Speaking of June.....It's my birthday month again. Wasn't it just here? How does this happen?
Maybe I should just stay 30.

3. Ty and I spent Friday night in Palm Springs. My parents stayed with the kids so that we could run away for a mini getaway. We checked into our hotel and then immediately headed to the movie theater. We saw Godzilla which was exactly what I would have expected from a Godzilla film. It was fun. We ate lots of salty popcorn. The movie was followed by frozen yogurt and a swim in the hotel pool. In the morning we spent some more time at the pool before heading out to breakfast at Cheeky's. It is quite the happening breakfast joint in Palm Springs. Ty and I had to try the truffle/parmesan hashbrowns. So good! 
We had such a fun time. I love getting away with Ty occasionally.

4. I am dying to try this Iced Spiced Hot Chocolate recipe
It looks perfect for summer!

5. Peanut Butter Play-Doh kept us busy this morning.
Zackary kept calling it cookie dough.

 We used THIS recipe.

Have a great week!


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