Friday, June 13, 2014


Happy Friday!

1. This weekend it's all about the dads! Ty will be working today and Saturday but he will be home on Sunday, well after church on Sunday....and then we will celebrate!
I have been working to get my mind in gear for Father's Day this year. I love love LOVE THIS video
I also listened to THIS podcast yesterday. It is all about Fathers in Zion and I really appreciated it. Also....I loved THIS story about a father who raised 8 missionary sons.

2. We are just over one week into summer vacation and we are completely out of popsicles! The kids have been enjoying them on the front porch swing at least once a day. We are headed to the store later today to restock.

3. Speaking of frozen treats! I have been loving healthier versions of traditional summer sweets this year.
I am keeping the freezer stocked with them. (The kids are loving them too!)

4. The library has really been a fantastic resource for us this summer. We have stopped by almost daily to restock our reading supply and to grab a few movies. We have been reading outside on a blanket in the yard. It is a great way to spend some quiet time together. 

5. Ty has been working kind of constantly. Around 70 hours a week for a while now! We are doing pretty well, but I am not cooking as much as I should be! When I am just feeding the kids it can be so tempting to just pick up a $5 pizza!

6. Yesterday afternoon, after the Father's Day shopping, we stopped at our nearby park. We were the only ones there! I got to sit in the shade of a tree while the kids played. It was pretty blissful!

Have a great weekend!


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