Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Entertaining the Kiddos

I spent the past two summers planning and preparing for each new day. I sometimes put together a theme for the day based on a book. It was an awful lot of work, and honestly was not always successful.
This summer has been very different. I planned nothing.

It may seem that we were doomed for a very boring summer, but honestly, so far we have had the best summer ever.

I did sign the kids up for swim lessons. They are 5 days a week at 9:00 am. That has been a great start to each day. A little sunshine and exercise works wonders!

I mentioned that we have been at the library almost daily. I have never appreciated the free books and movies so much! Not to mention the other programs the library has going on.
 Yesterday Max was able to attend the Robot-A-Thon class at the library. He used the motor from an electric toothbrush to power his robot.
 He loves being creative and he had a great time.

I have not ruled out television....I don't encourage it excessively, but I think we have fun with it. Our new favorite show is Peg + Cat on PBS Kids.
I record it daily and we can watch it when we have a little downtime. It is creative enough that I can watch it with the kids and enjoy it!

Popsicles. One word and yet so much fun! We can take popsicles in the front yard and sit on the porch swing. It is an event in itself. It usually leads to a good amount of outside play as well.

At the beginning of summer I bought new markers and lots of paper. Even though we go through a ridiculous amount of glue and tape, I still encourage crafting.

Chores. This summer the kids have been in charge of watering the berries in the backyard. For some reason they all love this chore and everyone runs outside to participate. Getting the mail from the mail box is equally exciting.

My goal this summer was to have fun while keeping things simple and not spending a lot of money. I have been more relaxed and so have the kids. 
I love this quote by Elder Perry

The point is, my kids are entertained by simple things that I can do with them at home for the most part. We don't have to spend a ton of money or plan for days to create happy memories.


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