Friday, June 20, 2014


1. Max woke up this morning and immediately wished me a happy birthday. I stopped and thought, "Is it my birthday!?" birthday is tomorrow. Max was one day early, but I haven't thought about my birthday at all!
I guess I should make myself a cake or something.
This ice cream cake looks awesome and easy!

2. The kids have had 2 weeks of swim lessons and everyone is having a blast. I am starting to see some real improvement in Zackary. He has worked so hard each day. He is always on task and trying to do exactly what his teacher asks of him. He is a great little guy.

3. I took the kids to the library this morning and there were about 5 million people there. I guess we arrived right in the middle of some sort of activity. My non social children and I all just stood there not knowing what to do. Even Zoey stayed right with us. When we were finally able to move, we quickly grabbed a bunch of books and left immediately. We decided Friday mornings at the library need to be avoided.

4. Zoey was up at 5 am this morning. I saw her little pink painted fingernails peeking under the door to my workout room. I let her watch Curious George and drink chocolate milk until the older kids woke up. 

5. Ty is working late tonight. We have already eaten all of the watermelon so who knows what I will feed the kids for dinner. That is summer level motivation for you.


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