Thursday, May 29, 2014

This and That

1. I love listening to the different radio series on the Mormon Channel! I have been enjoying the gospel solutions for families. It is so full of fabulous insights and ideas.

2. Today at Mia's school the first graders held a Vocabulary Parade celebration. Each child was given a word. We had a few weeks to learn the word's definition and put together a costume representing the word. Mia's word was "planet". We used a beach ball as our planet, and Mia was dressed all in yellow representing the sun. It was fun to see all of the other kids as well.

3. Tonight our stake is holding a Fathers and Sons steak dinner. Ty will be driving the boys to the event in his brand new Camaro. Ty has been in need of a new car for a while now. He had driven his Suzuki into the dust and really needed a replacement! He has spent weeks deciding on what car would work best for him with his budget and he picked out a dark blue camaro.
(I don't have a picture of Ty's camaro yet, but it looks just like this one!)

I am sure everyone considers my station wagon just as cool.

4. This is a wonderful idea!

5. 4 more school days until SUMMER vacation begins for us. I always feel like we are the very last to ever get out of school and we are can't wait :)
A few reasons summer is awesome:
I bought popsicle sticks yesterday so that we can start filling our freezer!

Lots of fun s'mores ideas Here!

6. It's almost Friday! Ty and I can't wait for our little Palm Springs getaway tomorrow night! Yay :)


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