Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday Things

1. As soon as the weather turns warm I run to open our windows. I love to fill the house full of fresh air. I love making beds with fresh sheets while warm winds gush in. 

Spring is such a lovely time!

2. I had new spring clothes laid out for the kids today. They were very unsure. Max insisted on wearing pants and both Max and Mia thought they would need coats. The next two days are supposed to be 80 degree days and I tried to assure them that it was going to be beautiful and warm.
California raised children are so weird. I know. I am one.

3. I have been on a salmon kick for a few weeks now. Salmon salads, salmon sandwiches, salmon rice bowls....
Yesterday I cooked up a big beef roast. Ty went on and on about how good it was. I think my poor, beef loving man, was in need of some red meat!

4. I made homeade dark chocolate peanut butter cups yesterday just so that today I can make a batch of peanut butter cup cookies.
I am excited :)

5. I spent some time planning our spring break week coming up.
Ty will be working so I wanted to make sure the kids and I would have plenty to do. Our spring break will be the week leading up to Easter so I have several activities/lessons planned that I think will make it a really special and fun time.
Also....I love vacation time!

Happy Wednesday! 

halfway to Friday :)


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