Monday, March 4, 2013

Monday Morning

1. Ty worked all weekend. Today he is helping someone move in. I am tired!

2. Yesterday my parents took Mia for the afternoon. I was shocked at how quiet our house was with just the two boys and Zoey. I do love my little talk-a-holic!

3. I visited with a homeschooling mom today while Zackary was in his speech session. I was very impressed and slightly envious of her situation, but at the same time I think it would be overwhelming to be in charge of every bit of my children's education.

4. I want to make these Chocolate Truffle Cookies
I have been dreaming of the chocolate smell that fills a house when something like this is baking and I think it needs to happen!

5. I got myself dressed this morning in my favorite new jeans and a sparkly sweater. I dropped the kids off at school and came home. I had to change into sweats and a t-shirt so that I could clean the bathrooms. When the bathrooms were clean I changed back into my "public appearance" clothes so that I could take Zack to speech. I completely understand why come people just live in sweats or yoga pants.

Have a delightful Monday!


  1. I would wear yoga pants everyday if i could!!! The cookies look delicious, let me know if they turn out!

  2. I totally wear work out clothes 90% of the time. LOVE yoga pants!!!