Sunday, March 10, 2013


I'm Currently....

Downton Abbey.
I know I am a little behind. I plan on finishing season 3 this week. Oh how I adore this show and all of the characters! Watching this series has been such a delight :)

Chicago mix popcorn AKA: caramel corn combined with cheddar cheese popcorn. AKA: the best late night snack ever!

The kids are in the middle of their read-a-thon at school. Right now we are pretty Dr. Seuss obsessed, but I would love to read something for my own enjoyment soon!

Inspired By:
I find inspiration everywhere nowadays. My friends are amazing women with amazing talents all doing amazing things. I am always inspired to be a little better and do a little more when I am with them!

Excited About: 
2 weeks until Spring Break :)


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