Monday, March 25, 2013

Easter prep and things

This morning Ty got to be home a little later than usual. He came downstairs and told me that he could take the kids to school before he went to work. I told him that might be a bad idea because it is Spring Break!

 Ty is working late tonight so we had our Family Home Evening for the week yesterday. I wanted to do a lesson involving a little Easter prep. I talked about sheep and how Jesus is both the Shepherd and The Lamb. I brought up the Easter bunny and suggested we keep our focus on Easter lambs instead. I gave each of the kids a little stuffed lamb and told them to remember the Savior and the Atonement when they see it this week.
 I put a lot of thought into the lesson and I am hoping the kids remember what we talked about. Sometimes it is really hard to tell if anything I say gets through!

 Zoey really likes to be included.
If everyone else is having a great big bowl full of cereal and milk she wants one too.
Even though she still picks out the cereal with her fingers as if it were dry :)

The kids and I made these Breakfast Banana Splits from Bake at 350 for breakfast today.
Instead of almonds I topped them off with graham cracker crumbs. My children will tell you they don't like nuts, but if the nuts are dipped in chocolate they suddenly can't get enough.
We are enjoying the start of our break!
Happy Monday!


  1. Easter Lamb -I love that! and those breakfast banana splits look awesome to me! -Although i still might use icecream, even at 6:30 AM it's still just milk right??