Sunday, May 4, 2014


1. Zoey is sick today. She has had a cold for several days that seems to be getting worse. I am staying home from church with her today, and it looks like we may be visiting the doctor's office tomorrow. So sad when little people are sick :(

2. This thought from conference was on the home page today.
I think this is especially true for mothers. It is a great responsibility we have to spread so much love!

3. I recently read an article that asked people what they do when they are at home alone. I am rarely home alone, but when I am home with just 1 today.....I make granola, run on my treadmill, read scriptures, watch all the videos on, clean out my fridge, pretend to do yoga.....

Bananas, Chocolate, and Nuts.....Such a great combo!

5. We were at Michael's yesterday and we found the original Rainbow Loom.
Even though we have 2 other generic looms, Max and Mia insisted that this one was the best and we needed it.
My house is completely covered in rubber bands, and the kids arms are decorated with many bracelets, but they are happy and busy!

Happy Sunday!
Have a great week :)


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