Thursday, May 22, 2014

This and That

1. THIS is so my life right now.
8 more school days until Summer!!!!!

2. This week....
It has been rough!
They are short at the hospital and last night Ty had already worked around 40 hours this week. He is back today, will be back tomorrow, and then will be on call all weekend!
Needless to say we all are tired.
I had to wake up the three older kids for school this morning. They typically get up on there own. Mia was so confused and kept asking why I was making her get up!

3. Speech is done for this school year! Woo-hoo :)
Next year Zack will be starting transitional kindergarten at the same school Max and Mia attend. I will drop off all 3 older kids in one place in the morning and Zack will see his new speech therapist during the school day there! So convenient!

4. I am loving the cooler weather! I know it will be hot again soon, so I am making hot chocolate while I can!

5. Chocolate almond butter on toast is my current favorite breakfast/lunch/snack. I can make it really amazing by throwing on some raspberries or strawberries. So yummy!

6. Ty and I are spending one night away next in one week from tomorrow. We are both really looking forward to it. It is the happy thought that is getting us through all the craziness! We will be in Palm Springs, we will eat out, watch movies, go swimming, and sleep. It will be glorious!

Happy Thursday!


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