Monday, April 14, 2014


1. Ty and I went out for a movie date on Saturday night. We saw the new Captain America movie and loved it! We are big fans of all the super hero films :)
We shared a small popcorn. I haven't had movie theater popcorn in ages and I forgot how good it is! Date night is always fun. 

2. The kids and I started THIS 7 days until Easter project through the Friend magazine. I love all of the help we are offered when it comes to teaching our children and helping them to feel the spirit.

3. A beautiful video presenting the Savior as the focus of this wonderful Easter season.
I watched it yesterday. It is wonderful!

I blame the peanut butter/butter/awesome combo :)

5. We took a walk with the kids after dinner last night. Ty and I both decided that getting out was a much better option than lounging about the house! We stopped at a friend's house and had a great evening.

6. I guess we are ready for Monday. 

Have a lovely week!


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