Monday, November 30, 2015

Zoey's Birthday

 We celebrated Zoey's 4th birthday on Saturday with a trip to the Living Desert.
 It was a beautiful sunny day in the desert. We had to stop and let the kids ride the carousel. Zoey picked a mountain lion. Mia is behind us on a humming bird.
 Max and Zack were on the big cats. Max is cool because he can ride the carousel with no hands!
 My boys....
I sure do love these guys!

 My youngest brother was still in town for Thanksgiving. He came along with his lady.
 We let Zoey pick a present from the gift shop before we left. She chose a wolf cub and a rain stick. We had chocolate cake with ice cream when we got home. We love our little miss Zoey! I am so lucky to get to be her mom.


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