Monday, November 30, 2015

Back to School

 Everyone went back to school today! We had a very full Thanksgiving week. Monday always arrives so quickly. Especially after a holiday! After dropping the older kids off at school, Zoey and I came home and got down to business!
Today our focus was M is for Monkey!
We read a few monkey stories to start out and then sang a couple renditions of Five Little Monkeys....jumping on the bed, and swinging in a tree.
 Zoey worked on a letter M worksheet.

 She played letter M hunt with her dot markers.....We love dot markers. Zoey got a set last Christmas and they have been used and adored! I have already ordered another set for this Christmas!
Next we pulled out the minion operation game, because Zoey said that minion started with M and I couldn't argue!
We updated our calendar and did a little PE too. Glad to be back to our routine!


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