Tuesday, November 10, 2015

K is for Kiss

 We have been reviewing the letter K this week. Today we focused on "K" is for Kiss!
 Zoey got to try on lipstick and make some kisses of her own!
(She still writed her "Z" backwards, but I am sure one day we will be able to flip it around!)
We read the Kissing Hand again and made our own kissing hands.
 We counted Hershey Kisses! Zoey has recently discovered milk chocolate and is in love! For me it's the darker the better, but the kids love milk.
 We read a few more Kiss related stories.
 And we made peanut butter kiss cookies!
 These are Max and Mia's all time favorite cookie.
 Zoey put all the kisses on the cookies. She did a great job. She was rewarded for all of her efforts with a taste test.
 Zoey approved!
Since the weather has cooled down so much we are really enjoying preschool in pajamas in front of the fireplace.
We are excited for the big kids to come home so that we can share our cookies with them.


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