Sunday, September 29, 2013

Looking forward to....


1. Mia's birthday is this Friday. We will be celebrating with a girl's movie night with large amounts of candy and cupcakes. (She can't wait to be 6! She is one of the youngest in her class and everyone else is 6 already.)

2. This next weekend will be General Conference. I am super excited to break our our King Benjamin tent. All of the direction and guidance will be pretty awesome too!

3. In 2 weeks the kids have a four day weekend. Ty took the time off and we will be heading to Lake Arrowhead for a weekend in the mountains. (A weekend in the mountains was on my fall to-do list this year!)

4. I think it is officially time to break out all of the pumpkin everything.....pumpkin/fall decor, pumpkin spice candles, pumpkin roll (for Ty and Max!).
THESE pumpkin spice monster cookies

5. Caramel Apples!
Also....Honeycrisp Apples
and....caramel in general

6. We took our first look at the costume stash this weekend. Mia, Max, and Zoey have all picked out costumes for Halloween. Zackary is as yet undecided. Halloween is such a kid friendly holiday. It has become more fun for us each year.

Lots of good things coming up this month!


  1. YAY FALL! I love it! I've been making soup & breads and wearing sweater boots & skinny jeans all week :D