Thursday, September 19, 2013

A few Things for Thursday

1. Max went to his first official scout meeting on Tuesday night. We have been working with him at home and he has earned his Bobcat pin! He is so excited to be a part of scouts.

2. Mia has decided to sing in the school choir again this year. Her friends were doing it and Mia loves anything social!
(I am also hoping that she might develop a love of singing!)

3. It is finally cooling down!
My windows are open and I can think about turning on my oven again :)
THIS cake looks amazing. 
I think it must make an appearance for Halloween or Thanksgiving!

4. THESE cookies.

Everything I love and all things Ty doesn't on one delightful package.
More for me!

5. We are entering that time of year when time speeds up. We have birthdays, and holidays, and so much coming up. I always try to enjoy it as much as possible because so quickly it will be over and a new year will have begun.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Yay for fall!! Those cookies look like the key to happiness so I think I'll mix up a batch...or two :) you always find the best recipes!