Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Max vs. Pie

Max brought home a list of creative homework assignments he could choose from for this week.
One choice was to make a pie and document the steps involved.
 Max picked out a recipe for a triple chocolate cream pie with an oreo cookie crumb crust.
 We pulverized the oreos in the blender and them mixed them with butter and cocoa powder.
Max is a serious dark chocolate lover so he was all over this.
 For the filling we heated cream and poured it over bittersweet chocolate.
 When the chocolate was melted we added the rest of the ingredients.
 Again....Happy chocolate loving boy!
We popped our pie in the oven and 25 minutes later....
Homework is done!
Now the pie needs to chill and we still must make some chocolate whipped cream to complete the triple part of this chocolate pie!
Shouldn't homework always result in a ridiculously chocolate dessert?


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