Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuesday Things

1. The long weekend was just what I needed. I actually ended last week with a bad sore throat and I was able to get a lot of rest in. This morning I woke up and I could finally tell the pain was going away and I was getting better! 

2. Mia starts taking art classes today. They are offered through Young Rembrandts at her school and she is very excited! I can't wait to see what she is able to do.

3. Max will be baptized this weekend! I am busy baking ridiculous amounts of cookies for the event.
(I can't believe Max is 8 and getting baptized! 8 years went by so fast. In another 10 years he will be going on a mission......Glad I still have 10 years to get ready for that one!)

This is a great thought.
It goes along well with THIS little video I watched this morning.

Someday, when it does become fall in southern California, I will get to work on this list!

Hurray for 3 day weekends! Happy Tuesday!


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