Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Polar Express

 We had our own mini polar express day at home. We started the day reading the classic story.
Then we used the train track set to create our own Polar Express.
 Then we had snacks and watched the movie....which is terribly long, but we made it through the train ride and the hot chocolate scene...which is the most important!
 We made hot chocolate play-doh. It smelled amazing!
Then we did a little Christmas graphing/counting.
 We made some tickets for Zoey and all the kids to ride on the Polar big black van.
We brought the tickets with us when we picked the kids up from school. They got to use them for a ride and hot chocolate.
 And biscotti!!!
Mia had asked for biscotti last night. She requested chocolate peppermint biscotti so Zoey and I made some today while the kids were at school.

Max is performing tonight at his Honor Band holiday concert.
Zack is rehearsing his part for his Christmas program at school.
Mia has been practicing songs for her performance next week. 
It has been a busy week and I am super excited for Friday tomorrow!


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