Friday, December 18, 2015

Gingerbread (Graham) Houses

 It's our favorite library activity of the year! I always call the library on December 1st to make sure we get a spot. It is so great to have everything put together for you when you there is no clean up (except for all the candy that ends up all over the car on the drive home!)
 This was the first year that all 4 kids were able to attend and make their own little house. (You have to be 4!)
 This was Zoey's house. She had a little help!
 Mia was very dedicated to her house.
 Max made a box and then started eating all of his candy, but we were glad he was there!
Maybe some day I will commit to making a beautiful and delicious home made gingerbread house, but for now...graham cracker houses at the library are pretty awesome!


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