Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Holiday Happenings

 I cleaned and organized the boy's room! It really needed to be done.
 Christmas is almost here and my littles are getting excited....I am too!
 Just this week Max performed with the Sundance advanced band for their Holiday concert. He played a solo on his cornet and he did great!
 Zoey and I are still going Christmas all the way. We made more cloud dough....Gingerbread cloud dough this time! I used the basic cloud dough recipe (4C. flour + 1/2C. baby oil) and added lots of ginger and cinnamon.
 I have been making Christmas goodies all day every day. The favorite this season is peppermint bark! The kids love it! I have been adding it to cookies and hot chocolate. Super simple to make too!
I am really excited for Christmas break. I am loving all of the Christmas messages and thoughts I have come across. Christmas really is a magical time!


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