Wednesday, December 9, 2015


 We have been enjoying Christmas themed preschool all week. We reviewed the letter "G", with G is for Gingerbread.

 We used paper bags to make....sort of....gingerbread houses. (I am really terrible at making actual gingerbread houses! The kids are signed up to make them at the library later this month!) Zoey looks very mellow in this picture, but she really was happy and excited about her little project!
 There have been lots of random Christmas crafts...
 Christmas cookies and decorating....
 and eating!
 Making and delivering Christmas treats to friends...
 and lots of reading fun Christmas books like this:

 The season is so busy, but we are trying to enjoy it. We are trying to squeeze in all of the wonderful Christmas traditions that we love. 
The kids have lots of performances coming up this week and next. One good thing about Zoey being home-preschooled is that we have one less performance to attend!
(She can perform anytime at home!)
I am looking forward to Christmas Vacation! 7 more school days....


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